Techno | Vocals

In a world where musical boundaries are blurring, Audrey HENRY emerges with TINP (This Is Not Punk), a total expression of musical freedom and an uncompromising immersion in Electronic music.


11 tracks available on all platforms

Contribution, Granted, Bitter, What Now, Karma Superstar, Custom Made, Supreme, No Clue, Run, Dead Woman Walking, Boiler


May 11: Festival d'Olt (Mont Lozère et Goulet, FR)

June 21: Kulturclub Schonschön (GER)

New collab with NETIK PRODUCTION as a booking agent.


New release "Contribution", March 29.

It's all about contributions, what you're ready to give and what you're ready to loose.


With over 15 years’ experience on stage and in the studio, this multi-talented artist, singer and visual creator has worked with French artists such as Camelia Jordana, Jeanne Added and Naive New Beaters, while also exploring underground Rock, Post-Punk and New Wave in bands.


Since 2021

As a musician, I played on tour and studio for more than 15 years, and I felt the urge to learn how to produce electronic music by myself.

I decided to release some of my tracks in 2021. Only single tracks because taking the time is important, even if your tempo is 180 bpm, lol.

9 tracks have been available since then, and I can't wait to learn more, to share more. 

I produce everything but am also very lucky to be surrounded by Fredéric Vectol from the Question de Son Studio in Paris (FR) and Mickael Rangeard, as mixing and mastering engineers.




As an abstract painter, I had a blast thinking about the graphic charter for TINP. For the video clips and the photos, I am mostly surrounded by my bro Vincent Alvarez, but also had the opportunity to be helped by Guillaume Coulpier and la D production.

"Yet there's a breath of rage in the electronica of this accomplished Parisian musician, (...) Audrey Henry mixes techno with her vocals, electro-rock with bass music, minimal and electro-clash. It's a bit punk, isn't it, to be out of the box like that, while delivering bangers that would make the dead dance?"

— Transmusicales, 2023